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Web Design

Services: brand strategy, web design, print design, social media template design, ongoing SEO, social media management

Stephany Ficut Photography is an award-winning photographer serving the Dallas-Fort Worth metroplex area who needed a website that attracted and converted more ideal customers.


We evaluated the heart of the brand by understanding the vision, the values, the audience, the brand positioning and its distinctiveness. We tailored an elegant online home that reflects the fine art and premium experience that the business offers. In order to build brand consistency, we designed a custom magazine that would serve the new clients with more information about photography fine art experience. Also, in order to build brand awareness and recognition, we designed social media templates aligned with the brand’s creative direction and strategy. 


After one year, our digital marketing and design efforts helped our client get the following results: triple the website traffic all organically; the main referral was Pinterest, a social platform that we managed; we grew Pinterest from 6k monthly to 1.24M monthly views, all organically; the entire brand has a consistent look throughout all the mediums; the client finds it easy to advertise and show up consistently and confidently.

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